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      STD Testing

      Even if you don’t have any symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases, it’s a good idea to get tested if you’ve had unprotected sex. Even if it is just a home test kit to start, before going in for a confidential test at walk-in clinics, knowledge is power. Also, if you do use protection but have multiple partners, it’s a good idea to get tested as well, for your peace of mind.

      STD testing is just like getting tested in any other clinical setting. Your medical provider first evaluates you for symptoms that may suggest STD infection, and then runs tests based on what he/she finds during his examination. Usually, your provider will draw blood or take a urine test. In other cases, the provider will use a swab to collect a sample from the affected area. In most cases, a physical exam is required, which will include a pelvic exam for females.

      Another reason why testing in a clinical setting is positive is that keen medical records are being kept and a paper trail is being built. In today's world of electronic medical records and other emerging advancing medical technology, having a history of the disease and it's spread may really come into play in how humans battle sexually transmitted diseases.

      When is it a good idea to get tested for STDs at urgent care?

      • Any time after you have unprotected sex, you should get tested 1-2 weeks after and then again 90 days later
      • If you exhibit any symptoms of STDs (colored discharge, burning sensation while urinating, etc)
      • Annually if you’re a woman under 25 (specifically for chlamydia; during a well-woman visit)
      • Annually if you’re sexually active and not in a mutually monogamous relationship
      • Pregnant women, who may or may not be experiencing symptoms, should be tested for chlamydia and syphilis, regardless of their sexual history.

      Common STDs


      • Chlamydia
      • Gonorrhea
      • Syphilis


      • HPV
      • Herpes
      • Hepatitis
      • HIV/AIDS

      STD Parasites

      STD parasites are small bugs that either live on or under the skin. Some parasites also live in the wet, warm areas of the body like the genitals. They are extremely common and very easy to spread through intimate contact like sex, but some of them can also be spread through contact with things like bedding.

      These STDs are generally more annoying than harmful and can be a challenge to treat. The important thing to remember is that people who get a parasite STD are at more risk of getting one of the more serious STDs.

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